Thanks for the free councelling

                      Last night I helped out at the Autumn 2018 Literary Festival. Lit Fest is an annual series of public interviews with acclaimed writers, discussing their works, inspirations and backgrounds. I attended the talk with Margaret Drabble and Caryl Phillips, one of whom attended Oxford,Continue reading “Thanks for the free councelling”

The Rise of Digital Publishing

The growing market for digital publishing is showing no signs of slowing down. New writers are discovering an organic and accessible publishing power with a near unlimited audience. Amazon, e-books and applications like Create Space have opened up fresh avenues for authors to gain recognition for their work. What stands digital publishing apart? After workingContinue reading “The Rise of Digital Publishing”

Student Living: Where does the money go?

Experts have determined only 90% of student loans are spent on Dominoes. Once again, I have landed face first in my overdraft. I would like to thank the bank for fuelling such a momentous occasion, my friends for spending alongside me, and above all else Ryanair for being a sneaky bitch with their plane tickets.Continue reading “Student Living: Where does the money go?”

Do We Need LGBT History Month?

Every February the rainbow flags come out and the history lesson begins. Since February 2005, the UK has dedicated one month a year to celebrate the LGBT+ community. Initially kicked off in the United States back in 1994, LGBT history month’s main purpose is to acknowledge all the strife and struggle in LGBT history andContinue reading “Do We Need LGBT History Month?”